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Trevenna Barns, St Neot, Cornwall

Our design brief for Trevenna was to create a luxurious and comfortable environment in which clients would feel at home.


With the beautiful views of the Cornish countryside that surround each barn it was important to create a harmonious interior that was sympathetic to the surrounding vista and the architecture of the barns.


The design process began by taking key elements from the surrounding landscape, such as the traditional Cornish stone, slate and wood and using them to implement a contemporary style. 


To achieve this we used a neutral palette of taupe, grey and lavender to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. With a focus on quality and comfort we used a selection of textures including velvets, silks and linens. These were sourced from leading Design Houses such as Andrew Martin, Designers Guild and Osborne & Little.


With the exacting standards that are now demanded from clients the finest quality fittings have been used, from the precision engineering of the German kitchens to the sleek Italian bathrooms. 


In today’s society with long working hours and high stress levels holidays have become an important way to relax and spend time with friends and family. Trevenna is a perfect haven to do this.

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