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Our Services

Residential & Commercial Interior Design


Our approach at KR Interior Design is to create bespoke interiors to suit our clients’ individual needs and lifestyles. We are committed to providing an exceptional professional and friendly service.


Depending on our clients needs we can provide turnkey services, delivering all aspects of a project, or work with clients existing professionals. Each project represents a unique collaboration between client and designer.

Design Brief:


The first phase of any project is the design brief. At the initial consultation we assess the requirements of our clients’ and what they want to achieve. At this stage we will discuss the design style, process, timeframe and budget requirements. 


Concept development:


After the initial design brief we go on to develop the key requirements. By taking detailed descriptions of the function of each room and who will use the space we can determine the room requirements. From this, we consider all the design possibilities within the available space and the option of creating more space.




At the design stage of the project we prepare the concept designs by evaluating the best layout and use of space. A presentation with floor plans, elevations and sample boards are used to clearly illustrate the design proposal.


Design Development/ Detailed Design:


This leads on to the design development where we outline proposals and specifications for the implementation of the design. Depending on the project this could involve proposals for structural and building work, bespoke joinery and lighting/security systems. Preparation of technical drawings, draft schedule of works and estimate of costs are then updated.


Coordination and Procurement:


When you are completely happy with all elements of the design we can oversee the production and fitting of bespoke items, order all goods and arrange installation.


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